Sermas, public body responsable for providing health services and assistance in the Community of Madrid, forming part of the National Health System of Spain. Its main functions include the management and provision of health services in its care centers, as well as the execution of programs to promote health, prevent diseases and offer rehabilitation.


The Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Hospital Universitario La Paz was established in 2004 and, since January 1, 2005, has been in charge of all the research, development and innovation (R&D) resources of the Hospital Universitario La Paz. Peace. Its objective is to promote and achieve the objectives of the Institute through the efficient management of resources for biomedical research.


Non-profit foundation dedicated to the management and promotion of biomedical and health research in the province of Malaga, Andalusia. It provides comprehensive support to users throughout the research process, from initial advice to its application in society. It is part of the SSPA NETWORK OF RESEARCH MANAGEMENT FOUNDATIONS (RFGI-SSPA), collaborating with other organizations to offer a broader and better quality service to researchers in the región.


Private entity of the public sector of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which manages the Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research (IMIM). Its work includes the supervision of research projects, the promotion of quality research, the dissemination of results, training in Health Sciences and the transfer of knowledge to the market. In addition, it is in charge of the administration of resources and the management of European projects and subsidies. You can contact them for more information.

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