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It is a pleasure to welcome you to our first newsletter! Thank you for joining us in this exciting EC-funded project.

LIVERATION is an ambitious multi-center clinical trial that aims to improve the survival and the quality of life of patients with CRLM (colorectal cancer with liver metastases) and HCC (liver cancer). Our objective is to evaluate whether the radiofrequency technique can reduce the recurrence rate and improve long-term outcomes, and to this end, we will conduct trials in 24 medical centers in 7 countries.

All the members of this team are committed to conducting rigorous and collective research to advance the treatment of liver tumors.

In each edition of this newsletter, we will provide you with updates on the progress of the project and our achievements. We thank you for your participation and commitment to this important


The project’s kick-off meeting took place in Barcelona on June 29. During this time, we discussed information and objectives, introduced ourselves, and established our responsibilities.
Here is a summary of the meeting:

Dr. Patricia Sanchez, the project coordinator, kicked off the meeting with a tour de table, introducing all members of the consortium.

– Dr. Sanchez started with a brief presentation of the HOSPITAL DEL MAR.
Research Institute (IMIM), the principal coordinator of the project, highlighting the research approach and techniques used by the group. She focused on the main objective of the study and motivated the participants to work together to achieve it.

– Angel Alonso, CEO of VECMEDICAL, will be the technological partner providing the Coolingbis, one of the two devices to be used in the clinical trial, and also training to all participants and/or clinical sites.

– On behalf of SACSIS, Dr. Emilio González presented the company and its main objectives, among which are to continue providing support to LIVERATION as it has been doing since LIVERATION project concept and to help disseminate and communicate the project results and activities to all audiences and stakeholders.

– On behalf of SHINE2EUROPE, Carina Dantas presented her company. SHINE will act as a connector between stakeholders and the project, providing information to both parties. SHINE also aims to ensure that the project brings value to society while conducting socio-economic assessments.

– Veronika Vsetickova, representing ELPA, will be involved in raising awareness among policymakers, the general public, and especially patients, all through different press releases and events.

– On behalf of FAD, Mariana Aparicio and Carola Orrego’s role within LIVERATION will be to assess patient experience and quality of life and prepare recommendations to improve the quality of care.

– Dr. Dimitris Mavridis, representing UOI, introduced their tasks:evidence synthesis and data analysis, mainly with biostatistics and analyzing questionnaire data.

– On behalf of ECRIN, Dr. Miriam Rol introduced the institution. They will be the main contact for each country. ECRIN provides multinational Clinical Trials in addition to performing database management and development tasks. They also offer the option of center certification.

– Dr. Paloma Moraga, a representative of HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO LA PAZ, introduced they will provide support in the start-up activities of the Project and throughout the trial. They will also perform PV (pharmacovigilance) and preparation of key documents.

In summary, the kick-off meeting was a success and laid the groundwork for effective collaboration between the various partner institutions in the LIVERATION project.


1. Addressing a global health challenge: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most frequent tumor in women and the third in men, accounting for about 900,000 deaths per year globally.
In addition, the liver is the most frequent site of CRC metastasis with surgery being the only potentially curative action. LIVERATION focuses, employing radiofrequency, on reducing the rate of cancer recurrence after surgical resection, thus improving life expectancy, and the quality of life.

2. International collaboration: The project is carried out in 24 clinical centers in 7 different countries, allowing an exhaustive evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of the proposed interventions.

3. Improved quality of life: LIVERATION focuses on evaluating patient experience and quality of life, providing a comprehensive approach that considers both clinical outcomes and overall well-being.

4. Dissemination and awareness: LIVERATION is committed to sharing the results and knowledge generated, informing policymakers, healthcare professionals, and the general public of the progress made.

At LIVERATION, we are excited to embark on this collaborative research Project to address the challenges of hepatocarcinoma and colorectal cancer with liver metastases. We will continue to share updates on our progress and accomplishments!

Thank you for being part of this exciting adventure!

Building the future through research.
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