Recently, representatives of the LIVERATION Project, Patricia Sánchez-Velázquez and Carlos Fuste, had the privilege of participating in the first meeting of the ‘Diagnosis and Treatment’ cluster of Horizon Europe’s Cancer Mission. This event marked a significant milestone in our commitment to advance liver cancer research and treatment at the European level.

During the meeting, the initial work plan for scientific collaboration within the D&T cluster was presented. This cluster, essential in the Cancer Mission, strategically connects projects funded in Horizon Europe, promoting collaboration between consortia to maximize research impact.

Our commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing and stakeholder engagement reflects the spirit of the European community in the fight against cancer. Beyond individual projects, we recognize the importance of reporting on research progress and results, thereby broadening the impact of our shared findings and advocating for advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment at the European level.

This event not only reinforces our position as a leader in innovation in the field of liver cancer, but also strengthens our European collaboration network. We are committed to continue working together with other consortia to develop new strategies and improve patient outcomes.

We are excited about the road ahead and look forward to future collaboration and development opportunities within the ‘Diagnostics and Treatment’ cluster. We are determined to continue to make a difference in the fight against liver cancer and beyond.

For more details on our participation in this important event and other relevant news, we invite you to stay tuned to our upcoming updates and publications. Together, we can transform the landscape of liver cancer and offer hope to those in need.

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