In the ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life of liver cancer patients, the LIVERATION project is conducting the Training Workshop at the HPB unit of the Hospital del Mar Barcelona (IMIM). This event not only marks a step forward in the dissemination and application of the innovative COOLINGBIS device, but also symbolizes the collaborative spirit that drives medical research across Europe.

This workshop, conducted by Dr. Patricia Sanchez, Dr. Fernando Burdio and Dr. Benedetto Ielpo, aims to provide surgeons from various hospitals with the opportunity to acquire practical skills and hands-on experience in the use of the COOLINGBIS device during liver surgeries for its subsequent application for the benefit of patients.

A highlight of this workshop was the presence of our Greek surgical colleagues, who traveled expressly to participate in this training. Their attendance not only fostered knowledge sharing, but also demonstrated the collaborative nature of the LIVERATION project.

We continue our relentless pursuit of better outcomes for those we serve. With each step we take, we move closer to our ultimate goal: transforming the reality of liver cancer and bringing hope to those battling this disease.

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