Greetings to all LIVERATION supporters! In this edition of our newsletter, we share the most notable advances and achievements of the past six months in our fight against liver cancer. From participation in key workshops to the formation of new hospitals, we have made significant strides in improving liver cancer treatment.

The LIVERATION project is progressing rapidly. We have recruited 20 patients for our clinical trial, providing valuable data to evaluate the efficacy of our innovative techniques. In addition, we have formalized contracts with numerous hospitals where the trial will be conducted, a vital step for its initiation.

Recently, Patricia Sánchez-Velázquez and Carlos Fuste represented the LIVERATION project at the first meeting of the ‘Diagnosis and Treatment’ cluster of Horizon Europe’s Cancer Mission. This event underlines our dedication to scientific collaboration and knowledge sharing with other consortia to maximize the impact of our research.

A key objective of our project is to train all participating surgeons in the use of the COOLINGBIS device at their partner centers. Training workshops at the HPB unit of the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, led by Drs. Patricia Sanchez, Fernando Burdio and Benedetto Ielpo, have been crucial for this purpose, improving the efficiency of liver surgeries and reducing the cancer recurrence rate.

On May 2, our partner SHINE2EUROPE presented the LIVERATION project at a workshop organized by AICIB and the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Health, highlighting our relevance within Horizon Europe and underlining the positive impact we are having on the medical and research community.

On April 29, the LIVERATION synergies workshop brought together representatives from more than 10 EU cancer research projects. Organized by SHINE2EUROPE, this event facilitated discussions on common challenges and innovative practices, including the use of artificial intelligence and new tools to assess quality of life in oncology.

Finally, we announced the publication of the book “Glissonean Pedicles Approach in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery”, edited by Drs. Benedetto Ielpo, Edoardo Rosso and Alessandro Anselmo. This book includes a chapter dedicated to the COOLINGBIS system, written by experts from our team, providing detailed information on its application in minimally invasive liver surgery.

For more information on these milestones and to keep up to date with our progress, we invite you to download the complete newsletter from our website. Thank you for your continued support as we work to transform liver cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes. Download the Newsletter here

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