Hello to all LIVERATION supporters! We are excited to share with you the launch of our first newsletter, which captures the highlights of the past six months in our fight against liver cancer.

In our constant quest to improve liver cancer treatment, we have made great strides in training physicians from participating centers. In the past few months, we have conducted two comprehensive training sessions, equipping professionals with advanced skills and state-of-the-art devices such as COOLINGBIS and AQUAMANTYS to improve coagulation at the tumor margins and to reduce the recurrence rate and improve long-term outcomes.

A crucial milestone for us has been the approval of our study by the IMIM Ethics Committee. This approval reinforces our commitment to the highest ethical standards and opens the door for us to initiate clinical trials in Spanish centers. With this green light, we are closer to transforming the landscape of liver cancer treatment.

In addition, in collaboration with the European Liver Patients Association (ELPA), we organized our first laymen event. This meeting brought together more than 30 ELPA members from 25 countries, facilitating a valuable exchange of ideas between researchers and patient communities. This event not only highlighted the importance of transparency and collaboration, but also reinforced our commitment to active patient participation in our project.

Another memorable moment was in November, when we successfully treated our first patient using LIVERATION’s innovative methodology at IMIM-Hospital del Mar. This successful treatment is a testament to the positive impact we are making and represents a significant advancement in our mission.

To empower our community with knowledge, we have launched a series of video pills that offer an accessible and detailed look at the challenges and advances in our research. These videos are available on our website and are an excellent educational tool for all those interested in our project.

Finally, we have prepared informational brochures aimed at patients, healthcare professionals and the community at large, providing essential information about our goals and progress.

For more details and access to these resources, we invite you to download our full newsletter. Join us on this journey to fight liver cancer and improve patient outcomes! Download here!

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